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Meet Chadijah Williams

"If you think it,

you can achieve it."

A motivational speaker, a mentor, a musician, and an educator, her name means trustworthy and most revered, or highly respected. Chadijah Williams is swiftly becoming known as a powerful force inspiring youth and young adults with her candid yet insightful conversations across the nation. Her mission is to guide and empower the next generation of educators& students.

What makes her unique is her resolve to see the positive in every situation and never ever quit. Overcoming many obstacles and dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts resulting from abuse in her childhood, Chadijah has found strength and healing by helping others. She considers it her reasonable service to enlighten educators and students on how to talk and live in what they were designed to do on Earth.

As a first-generation graduate, she is now holding a Bachelors& Masters in Music Performance, Chadijah has traveled the country motivating thousands of educators and students on how to identify and live in their P.U.R.P.O.S.E. in and outside the classroom.  Chadijah's motto is "Once you identify what your purpose is on Earth, therein lies the keys to the door of EVERYTHING you could ever want or need". She specializes in educational consulting work with educators& students by providing services that are intended to give educators and students quantifiable change for their academic and personal lives.

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